Dustin Zvonek in the Denver Post: Here are all the non-partisan reasons why I’m running for Aurora City Council

My Turn

Re: “Flailing Republicans seek nonpartisan local office,” May 23 opinion column

Our national politics are broken, we can’t let our local politics in Colorado follow the same path.

We must rise above partisan pettiness and focus our energy on uniting and moving our communities forward, and not get lost in the tired political games that prevent meaningful work from getting done.

Ian Silverii’s column last week attacking me and urging liberal special interest groups to destroy my candidacy is a perfect case in point. Completely missing from his column was any reference to issues, ideas, or why I’m running.

I’m running for Aurora City Council because I believe in the great promise of the city and want to see it thrive as a community where people from all walks of life can safely live, work, and raise a family.

I live in Aurora with my wife and three school-aged children and have become deeply concerned by the shocking rise in crime — motor vehicle theft alone is up 70% in the last year — and the recent efforts by the current city council that would make it harder for small, family-owned businesses to survive.

I’m running on a platform to make our neighborhoods safer for all residents and more welcoming to small businesses, not on behalf of some political party. Maybe Silverii sees everything through the lens of political party registration, but I don’t.

It’s about my community, and I’ll work with anyone – regardless of party affiliation — who shares that vision and wants to make it a reality.

Not everything has to be partisan. Issues can, and should, matter most when it comes to how local governments operate. Creating safe communities where families and small businesses can prosper isn’t the sole purview of one political ideology — no matter how loudly political partisans claim it to be.

That is what’s wrong with our national politics. It’s too often about destroying the other side rather than working to improve the lives of all our citizens.

Silverii can spend his time trying to tear others down. I’ll remain focused on trying to build Aurora up.

Dustin Zvonek is a candidate for Aurora City Council At-Large.

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