Dustin Zvonek Announces Record Setting Fundraising Total

Today, Dustin Zvonek, candidate for Aurora City Council At-Large, announced that his campaign broke the record for Aurora city council fundraising, raising over $90,000 since launching his candidacy in February 2021. Zvonek, a first-time candidate for public office, is a small business owner, a former congressional and legislative aide, and a current member of the Aurora Citizens Advisory Budget Committee.

“I am honored to have received such a wide base of support for my candidacy in the first three months of the race, as it will ensure my campaign has the resources necessary to run an effective, issue focused campaign into the fall” said Zvonek. This election is about the future of Aurora. I am deeply concerned that if we don’t prioritize making our community safer, our city more open and welcoming to small businesses, and focus on the issues that matter most to our citizens and our communities, the future potential of this great city could be in real jeopardy,” added Zvonek. “I am running because I believe in Aurora and I want it to be a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

“Setting a new record total for fundraising in only three months is just the beginning. In the coming weeks, I will use the resources and incredible momentum gained over the past few months to build an unmatched grassroots campaign that will connect with voters across the city”. concluded Zvonek.

As a result of the new campaign finance ordinance passed by the City Council last year, individual contributions to city council candidates are now limited to $400 for ward candidates and $1,000 for citywide, at-large candidates, whereas previously there were no contribution limits. Candidates are also now required to disclose their fundraising totals and campaign expenses earlier and more frequently than in prior years. Zvonek’s first quarter haul was greater than the total raised by any candidate for Council under the old rules that allowed unlimited contributions. Zvonek ended the first reporting period with nearly $84,000 cash on hand.

For more information about Dustin’s campaign visit www.DustinForAuorora.com